Monday, February 23, 2009

Random thoughts during a February Slump

I truly hate the month of February. No offense to any of my readers who may happen to celebrate their birthdays, anniversaries, or other special events in the second (and shortest) month of our year, but in my opinion, and through years of a long-going hate-hate relationship with this particular month, February really stinks.

Life here in the DR during the month of febrero is no exception - I am still not fond of this month and have been in a quiet, yet seething funk for a few weeks now. So, rather than ruminate on the negative and describe everything that has gone worng or just proven difficult this month, I thought I'd post another short list of factoids about my life here. Hopefully yours truly will be in a better mood come March, so please stay tuned...

Random Facts:

SEVENTEEN - Months I've been in the DR

FOURTEEN - Months I've been an official Peace Corps Volunteer

NINE - Months I've got left in my service -- I come home November 20th! Woo-Hoo!

SEVEN - Number of items from the United States that have either been lost or broken during my stay here. Items include: 1. Leatherman pocketknife (lost on a bus), 2. battery-less flashlight (accidentally broken by a muchacho from my site), 3. emergency radio (broken by a fall to my concrete floor), 4. hiking boots (ruined by mud and constant rain), 5. black dress shoes (worn out walking around Santo Domingo), 6. brown dress shoes (rotted out after being wet for nearly 10 days straight), 7. iPod earphones (wires sliced by being crammed into my backpack).

Un abrazo fuerte desde la RD...



Sharon said...

So with you on the February least now we're into March! Hope you are well, amigo...Sharon

egan said...

Sorry the month has been a bit rough. You've only got nine more of them left and those will go fast. Before I finish "organizing" the garage, you'll be home.

When you get back, I have an ample supply of iPod headphones. I'm a nice guy.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you're in a slump.
March has gotten off to a cold start in Seattle -


Katie Ann Brooks said...


If one wanted to, how would they send you something in the mail- I mean theoretically?

:) Katie

Wendy said...

Your Leatherman?! That's not good and your boots!!! Was it the Vasques that you had forever? Time to come home and move to California.Just remember it's only stuff. You're making memories that will last and scar forever. Woo-hoo!Just kidding - sorry February was so sucky.